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Hey I'm Sai Mada, a full stack developer currently studying Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My current intersts are in machine learning and human-technology interaction. I will be interning at Microsoft this summer!



WeLocate is a web application that my team build during VandyHacks IV. The purpose of the app is to help small businesses with data analytics and to help future small businesses to better plan their busines. It calculated informational statistics for small businesses and created a heatmap of potentially sucessful areas to open a busines using a machine learning model.

Technologies Used: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, AWS, Yelp API, Google Maps API

Won Best Financial Hack (Capital One) and Most Disruptive Hack (Red Venture)



Mobile application programmed to work with a motion sensor to automatically complete a series of tasks with simple hand gestures. Goal of this project was to build an application paired with a mobile sensor to immediately assist those who are able to access help with simple hand gestures. Application was developed for HackTJ.

Technologies Used: Myo Motion Armband, Kotlin

Won 2nd Place in Best Hardware Hack

Research at National Institutes of Health


Implemented Machine Learning algorithms (Random Forest) to find SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) involved in ketamine response in OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) patients and antidepressant efficacy in Major Depressive Disorder)

Worked at National Institute of Mental Health at NIH

Research at Krasnow Institute


Modeled Hippocampal CA1 Neurons utilizing Python with pyMoose package.

Worked at George Mason University in the Neuroscience Department.